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We are very happy to work with GuruHotel; since we started the collaboration, only good things have happened. We have higher efficiency in our inventory control, and our direct sales have grown exponentially.

Jose Luis

Our direct sales were almost non-existent until we came across GuruHotel. Today, our website is the third top producer with reservations on the books higher than a year. We look forward to reaching second place very soon.

Admon. Ocean Dream

We used to work with a hotel chain that, in addition to charging us very high operating costs, never get direct bookings on our official website. Today with GuruHotel our direct sales are the third most crucial channel with a little commission. We are thrilled!
Our property is ideal for long-stays, and we have never before been able to sell reservations through our website due to the nature of this model. GuruHotel managed to convert our website into our fourth best-selling channel as of today. We are impressed!

Build your website with Guruhotel and increase up to 10x your direct bookings.

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Hotel Manager

Customize your website template, manage your bookings, download finance reports and create commercial strategies, all in one place.

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Guest Dashboard

Let your guests manage their reservations, web check-in and book extra services.

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With our integrated checkout, let guests effortlessly add their prefer room and book all the extra services your Hotel has to offer.

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